The History Of Goldbergh Activewear

Goldbergh is a young and impressive brand of clothing, one that has taken the accolade for easily one of the best and most stylish names in activewear and sportswear in the world. Goldbergh's headquarters are located in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. This Dutch brand was founded in 2009 and are one of the youngest luxury sportswear brands right now. They started with two founders, the sportswear designer Lieke van den Berg, and the retailer Sandra Peet. With these two starting the brand, they have grown it carefully over the past few years into a powerhouse of production.

They make items that are as high quality as the big name brands in outerwear, and are rivalling the best there is out there. Goldbergh is one of the best names for style and quality in the realm of sportswear and particularly ski wear and ski fashion. But Goldbergh is about more than just skiing. They make items that are superb for running, yoga, athletics, boxing, weight training, hiking, and other outdoor activities. They have items for nearly anything.

Goldbergh has some of the very best casual items too. These are just some of what Goldbergh have to offer. And they have one of the most expansive ranges imaginable. But that is just their range, what about the qualities of the items? Goldbergh promotes luxury and quality at all times. Its collection is designed to give women the freedom to move with confidence in their sportswear. Whether you are taking on new heights in the snow or you are pushing past their limits in the gym. They cover any sport you can think of.

They also have some non-sporting items too. They have many new casual items like t-shirts, hats, shorts, joggers, and all of these are every bit as high fashion as something else from their range. It all comes with the signature Goldbergh quality too. Their workout items are some of the best, but relaxation and rest are just as important, so they have jogging bottoms and t-shirts to wear throughout the day. Goldbergh also carries a number of different bag designs. These are always a great and welcome addition to a sporting range as everyone needs a quality gym bag.

Goldbergh have a number of tote bags and carry-alls that are able to be used for all kinds of other activities. These are not just items for a session at the gym. Goldbergh is no jack of all trades, though. They are laser focused on sportswear and casual wear, and Goldbergh doesn't make formal wear or things that are not athletic. This means they can focus on making the best items in this category. They make a great deal of variety within sportswear, and casual wear, but it is always sporty and casual nonetheless.

Goldbergh are expanding into newer areas than they ever have before too. They may be a smaller and newer Dutch brand, but it is not just their home country they can be found in. They are all over the EU, and with the power of the internet, they are expanding into amazing other venues too, and shipping internationally.